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Case Study: ePropertyInnovations


Empowering SaaS Applications with Embedded Analytics

To deliver exceptional user experiences and provide data-driven insights, SaaS applications must incorporate analytics components that enable compelling visualizations. This allows analysts and non-technical users alike to leverage the data within the application, eliminating the need for manual data extraction and manipulation in spreadsheets to create reports and charts. Offering an intuitive way for customers to explore data insights is a critical aspect of any SaaS application.


SaaS applications face the challenge of providing an integrated user experience that feels native to the application while ensuring application security. Integrating a business intelligence solution adds complexity, especially when SaaS applications provide customizable data models and application configurations for each client.

The Solution

InAppBI was developed as a solution to overcome these challenges. It is an embeddable business intelligence platform that seamlessly integrates with a SaaS application’s data model and security. InAppBI can be easily customized to blend with the application’s interface, ensuring a cohesive user experience. It is lightweight and scalable, allowing for deployment on-premises or in the cloud with ease.

Embedded analytics components provided by InAppBI live within the SaaS application, enabling users to access valuable data insights at every stage of their interaction with the application.

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Improve user experience and customer engagement

By integrating InAppBI, SaaS applications can deliver an exceptional user experience. End users can transform insightful data captured in the application into compelling visualizations. Analysts and non-technical users can leverage this data without manual data extraction and manipulation, eliminating the need for external tools like spreadsheets to generate reports and charts.

Improve customer loyalty

According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, 69% of business users are satisfied when software provides direct access to captured data. By integrating analysis tools through InAppBI, customer loyalty is increased, reducing the likelihood of customers being drawn to competitors’ offerings. InAppBI helps attract new users and increases the retention of existing users by offering new problem-solving capabilities and demonstrating product improvement over time.

Save time, capital and effort

In-house analytics solutions often burden development teams and can be limited in their capabilities. InAppBI offers a low total cost of ownership while minimizing the work required by development and IT staff, allowing teams to focus on their core competencies. The embedded analysis tools are designed for easy integration, resulting in shorter deployment times compared to traditional Business Intelligence tools.

Differentiate your product from your competition

Providing advanced, easy-to-use, and self-service analytics in the application adds value for end-users and helps differentiate from competitors. By adding an analytics component through InAppBI, application developers can offer a robust embeddable data analytics solution, giving them an edge during demos and closing deals.

Provide process optimization for the customers

By integrating InAppBI into solution provides users with a powerful tool to discover trends that are impacting their business. InAppBI can connect to various systems can easily pull data and provide contextual insights for optimal decision making.


InAppBI’s ease of use, simple integration with multi-tenant security, adaptability to custom data models, and SaaS-friendly pricing have led to significant cost reductions and improved customer satisfaction. Notable impacts include:

  • ePropertyPlus, a property management platform, achieved a 70% cost reduction.
  • Nations Hearing experienced increased adoption rates and reduced report complexity.
  • Enlyft implemented real-time internal analytics, reducing metric retrieval time from 2-3 days.
  • Motel Ventures gained enhanced customer usage pattern insights and increased retention.

InAppBI’s pricing structure, geared towards SaaS applications, eliminates per server or per seat license fees, resulting in around 70% cost reduction. Customers experienced a 30% increase in self-service reports creation and improved satisfaction, thanks to the ability to create complex dashboards and share them easily. InAppBI empowers SaaS applications with robust, embeddable data analytics, transforming the way businesses understand and leverage their data.